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Packing & Assembly

Make Your Move Headache Free


Calling on professionals to do your packing and unpacking will make your moving much easier and all handling will be a great deal safer

In any events, with Olympique you get full insurance coverage against lost or damages goods. We are available for you, all the necessary equipment and accessories for your next moving, its the kind of service that you will most appreciate!

Being organized on the moving day is the best way to control your moving costs.

Our experienced packers can provide a partial packing service or handle the entire process- from packing and moving your valuables, to unpacking them in your new residence.

Olympique Movers are proposing you the following options:

  1. You can pack your home yourself and we load and unload at your new house.
  2. You can pack most of your belongings and we will pack just a few rooms. Many of our customers will have our packers come to their homes just to pack the kitchen and fragile items such glass, marble, works of art, pictures and antiques.
  3. You can leave the entire packing job to our experienced movers and just relax!

We can also deliver packing materials to your home before the moving day. Packing services can be charged by the hour, much like local moving, plus the materials.

Packing takes time. Start early!


  • Jai appelé Olympique par hasard! Quel belle surprise!, dés vrais déménageurs,! Excellent service, un grand merci!

    - Julie Goulet, Longueil

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