6 Places You'll Find Free Boxes for Packing

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Before packing and moving, there is always one thing every person moving thinks off; do I have enough boxes? The answer is always no. It’s simple boxes are large, ugly, clunky pieces of cardboard that are only useful when you’re moving. You can always purchase boxes but if you need creative alternative, this article will list your free options.

Liquor Stores and Bars

These establishments are better than any random store or restaurant you might think is the good place to get your hands on some boxes. They receive deliveries virtually every day, and the boxes they use are sturdy and strong enough to hold in multiple bottles. You can be sure they won’t break under stress.

Community Website

Craigslist and Freestyle are excellent sources for this kind of free stuff. Freecycle is a little less known than Craiglist. However, it's more effective for moving boxes, in particular. Return the favor to another mover and place your free boxes up online for the next person.

Social Media!

Interestingly there is more than just online stalking your old classmates on social media. You can use your Facebook account to ask the 500 friends you have on there for any free boxes they have laying around. You’ll be amazed how much you can get out of it.

Office Supply Stores

They might not have the largest boxes; however, office supply stores have great smaller, compact boxes that are designed specifically to carry large amounts of paper. They are perfect for your books and library.

Local Schools

Your local public will have boxes in all shape and sizes, supplies are being brought in the school on a daily basis whether its food, gym equipment, or textbooks; schools are always getting orders. Moreover, the people working at schools are usually the kindest people that are always willing to help their community.

Going Green

Now granted this option isn’t free, but it’s environmentally friendly! For a fractional cost companies such as Jugglebox, will deliver clean plastic bins to you and then pick them up when you are done. These plastic boxes are easy to move around, and it's easier to stack, and it's more efficient and organized.

There are certain things that can’t be stored in the boxes you recycle, such as clothing and fragile objects in that case you’ll need specialized boxes and at Demenagment Olympique we provide our clients with boxes in all different shapes and sizes that are tailored to your needs. For more information contact us at (514) 935-3300.


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