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Moving Soon? 6 Tips to Avoiding Scam Movers

Moving Soon? 6 Tips to Avoiding Scam Movers 

There are many moving companies out there, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that more than a few are scammers. Montreal in-particular is experiencing a growing number of these scammers and articles are flooding the web about this pandemic  (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/rogue-movers-scam-montrealers-for-hundreds-of-dollars-1.2685835).  Essentially you’ll be trusting inexperienced one-man-shows with flimsy tools, baseless rates and contracts and unreliable trucks. Here are a few things to look out for.

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6 Places You'll Find Free Boxes for Packing

Before packing and moving, there is always one thing every person moving thinks off; do I have enough boxes? The answer is always no. It’s simple boxes are large, ugly, clunky pieces of cardboard that are only useful when you’re moving. You can always purchase boxes but if you need creative alternative, this article will list your free options.

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Five Things to Look for in a Storage Facility

Five things to look for in a storage facility

Its fairly easy to know when you’ll need a storage unit to store your ‘extra’ items. Storage units are inexpensive, convenient and a great way to keep your goods safe and secure without cluttering your home or business. However, the wrong storage can make all difference. So how do you choose the right storage facility for your needs? Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a storage facility.

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Storing Band Musical Instruments

The problem with musical instruments is that they tend to be ‘big’ and can cramp up your living space. Many benefits from putting some of their instruments in storage, however, musical instruments are delicate and need to handled and stored with care to maintain their beautiful sound.

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Secure Your Storage Unit

Self-storage units are very safe and secure; however, if you’re storing any valuables taking further security measures can give you a peace-of-mind.

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Tips for Business Self-Storage.

A cramped up workspace can make all the difference in work efficiency. Once you’ve out-grown, your workspace paperwork tends to pile-up and more difficult to organize. Many businesses are starting to resort to self-storage, a brilliant cost-effective way to tackle your clutter problem.

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Store, Sell, Donate, or Throw Away

There is always a moment of epiphany when you’re packing for a move; you’ll find yourself asking; “do I need this?”. Not everything needs to moved and you’re well aware of that, there are few different scenarios; things that you’re not sure you’ll need, things that look outdated, things that you’re certain you won’t use but cost you a lot when you purchased it, large or bulky things that you don’t use so often, and finally junk! There is a solution for all five cases!!

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Items to Store in Your Storage Unit during Winter

We’re all well aware that we’re only half way through Canada’s gruesome winter. We mostly tend to flock our garage with equipments and tools we have no use for this season. Now if you’re like me, you’d rent out a cost efficient self-storage unit that you’ll be able to use for those spacious seasonal tool and equipment. Here is a short list you can refer to when cleaning out your garage.

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3 Essential Packing Tips

Proper packing is essential to sustain a smooth and hassle-free move. here are 3 essential packing tips everyone needs to know before a relocation.

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Few Tips to Moving and Packing Your Garden

Although this isn’t the season, but if you’re planning a big move this summer and love your garden as much as I do you’d want to read this piece. It'll help to maximize your plant’s potential to put down new roots successfully.

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3 Must Know Moving Hacks

When it comes to moving to your new home, everyone can use some handy tricks to get by easier. Sure the basic bubble wrap and duct tape are your best bet for practically anything, but here are a few things they won't be able to help you pack.

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Few Tips for Moving and Packing Clothes

It's probably one of the last things anyone would think to pack. Moving can be overwhelming, and we forget about packing our clothes. Therefore, because there is a lack of time you'll end up rushing and damaging your clothing by tossing them in a garbage bag.

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4 Tips for Winter Movers

Winter is upon us and moving during those months is going to be tricky - especially during the holidays. You'll be encountering unexpected weather, snow storms, and for my fellow Canadians, bone-chilling cold. Although a move in the winter is not so common, sometimes it simply can't be avoided, so if you find yourself in a snowy situation here are 5 tips to help you get by.

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Floor Plan for Moving!

Ever bought a piece of furniture that didn't fit in your home or even up your stairs? A mere inch can make that difference so precise planning is important. It is always important you've got a floor plan before you move. It makes the move more efficient, less stressful and less spontaneous. It also avoids any future back-aches on larger furniture. Measuring your home dimensions isn't the sole factor, many forget to consider their stairways, elevators, door entries (whether it's a bedroom or the main entrance, the two can sometimes differ), windows and even the height to your ceiling for chandeliers and ceiling lights.

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6 Things to Do Right after Moving

It always comes as a great relief once your hired movers leave, and you are unpacked. Though, you shouldn't get quite comfortable yet; there are a few more chores you'd need to do before you either forget or get too busy.

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5 Tips on Moving Abroad

It's never fun moving away from home, especially if you're moving to the other side of the pond. Whatever the reasons, here are some five tips you'll need to remember before making a big move. 

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6 Ways to Compare Moving Companies

Moving can be a hassle and choosing a moving company to work with could be the difference between a catastrophic or pleasant moving experience, so it's important you choose the right company. Here are seven things to look out for when hunting for the right moving company.

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Moving Large Furniture? Here Are 4 Tips on How to Prepare

Moving large furniture is never a pleasant task, it's a constant headache trying to tackle how to approach the issue at hand. Some furniture can stand the test of time, but sometimes a move is all it takes to damage our beloved (and expensive) furniture. There is a right way to prepare your furniture for the move and as professional Montreal movers, here are a few tips we'd like to share with you.


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